The ER pure-java installer still requires graphical user input, and the
pop-up window is not supported by java headless mode. The two alternatives

that we have for AS400 are either ftp the files installed on Windows or use
RAWT to setup graphical environment for AS400 as indicated in previous
espressmanager.bat は編集がむずかしいで、Linuxで.shを作成します。


It is difficult to edit the espressmanager.bat file precisely. I installed
espressreprot Unix version on Linux and enclosed all the generated, .sh
files in this mail.


(1) ftp / bin the entire espressreport folder
from Windows to AS400 WebSphere root directory and expand it.


 (2) edit the enclosed .sh file(s) on Windows or AS400 for the correct AS400 java location
copy them into the espressreport root directory.


(3) run on AS400 (please note that I have
added -monitor:OFF option to the original file)


(4) From Windows browser
http:// name or ip>/espressreport/index.html and start the
reportdesigner from any browser.