JDK1.4.2_08 on AS400【Javaチャート・グラフ作成ツールEspressChart】

The following is a description of what was done to make the test successful on AS400 both using headless and separately, pja.jar (split pja). Enclosed are the test files that were used. Initially, we were not able to run enclosed, TestPJA.java with build-in jdk1.4.2_08 (WebSphere has its own jdk 1.4.2_10), in either the headless or pja mode. The error is “cannot connect to X window Server using 0.0″since AS400 does not have X libraries like AIX which are needed in the headless mode. WebShere5.1 has the same error.

So we were told to do NAWT. NAWT is a new software that runs on AS400 to run VNC server of i-series.

The following patches on the AS400 OS disk were installed

(1) Option 33 5722SS1 “Portable App Solurtion Environment or called pase”
(2) 5799PTL *.base “i series Tools for developers
(3) fix pac for java i series.
Do a search on NAWT – there are full instructs on how to do this and what is required.
It looks like Headless is supported with NAWT .

The follwing sections in the documentation was followed exaclly
Create a VNC password file
Starting the VNC server
Configuring NAWT environment variables
Configuring Java system properties
Verifying NAWT installation.

After that the VNC server is running and the TestPJA.java would run because it can find the X server now.
This step is to confirm that the VNC server is running properly.
Afterwards, the WebSphere will run in the headless mode, on AS400 independent of whether VNS sevver is running or not. Separtely, pja (split file also runs).
The purpose of the VNC server is to setup the proper environment for WebSphere5.1.1.9
IBM engineers suggest that you should download the latest fixes from IBM, make sure that you can run VNC properly and run PJATest.java on AS400, then WebSphere 5.1 would run.