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About Climb, Inc. !!

Climb Limited was establish in 1984.Since then, it has been providing business consulting services for many companies of various fields. Climb is also a pioneer in Web design in Japan and created a variety of Web sites for companies such as AFLAC, KDDI, Sony, NEC, etc. ”Japan entry Support Service (JESS)” is a unique service program combining Climb’s expertise in the Internet business and experience in international marketing.

IBM Business Partner, Novell Solution Provider, MS .NET Retail System Member, Red Hat, etc

Contact Us

Climb, Inc.
kakigaracho Chiba Bldg. 4F
1-36-7, Nihonbashi-kakigaracho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, 103-0014, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3660-9336 / Fax : +81-3-3660-9337

Main Business

System Integration
Java, J2EE, .NET, Database etc.

Software Resell
J2EE Application, Database Access tool, etc

Web design and consultation

Major Customers

●Nissan Diesel
●Hitachi System
●Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
●Nihon Unisys

●Dentsu International
●Tohoku Electronics Power
●Chugoku Electronics Power
●Tokyo Univercity


Japan Entry Support Service

Gateway to the Japanese Market

What is “Japan Entry Support Service”?
“Japan Entry Support Service (JESS)” is a Web-based total business support system operated by a Japanese business-consulting firm Climb, Inc. Using its expertise in the Internet technology and international marketing, which Climb provides.

Business Information

The services include:
●Translation/Design of Japanese Web Site
●Translation/Distribution of Press Release
●Market Research/Product Promotion
●Business Consulting

The feature of JESS is that Climb will function as your marketing access point in Japan. Through JESS you can take the following steps, which are especially practical for those companies that are trying to enter the Japanese market.

1. Research the Japanese market through Japan Entry Support Service
2. Publicize your products/services in Japan
3. Open your Japan office or have your agency in Japan

Not only the PR activities but also actual business operation through agency is available as JESS.
Climb has much experience with software houses and SI vendors.
One of JESS’s client examples is GRIC Communication and Climb contributed to the expansion of GRIC’s Internet roaming network in Japan.
Japanese Web site of JESS clients could be linked from our IT portal site called “Silicon Valley Gateway” which has many US IT topics.


How does JESS work?
Although Japan entry Support Service is always customized for each client, a typical procedure is illustrated as follows.

1. Climb creates a basic version of client’s Japanese Web site.
2. Distribution of press release and publicizing the Web site
3. Climb makes sales calls to potential customers in Japan. A special telephone line
4. The Japanese Web site is extended gradually in line with the market response and the client’s budget and a full version is completed eventually.
5. At the same time, Climb also provides other business consulting service including market research, setup of trade show, etc.

This is just an example. Other special services can be provided upon
request .Climb will always listen to clients’ need first. Each single service, such as translation of web site or PR material, can be provided separately. Price is quoted separately for each individual case.

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