EspressChart(Report)とWebLogic 8.1&JRocket1.4.2【Java対応レポート・帳票ツールEspressReport】

EspressChart(Report)のWebLogic 8.1とJRocket1.4.2での設定方法に関しては資料を準備しておりますのでお問合せください。

Running EspressChart OutputStreamJPEG servlet on WebLogic8.1
(1) Download WebLogic 8.1 from
(2) Use default installation on Windows.
(3) Edit setExamplesEnv.cmd file according to WebLogic6.0 documentation of EspressChart/EspressReport (add EspressAPI.jar to classpath)
(3b) Edit startExamplesServer.cmd here for use later.
(add EspressAPI.jar to classpath)
(4) cd to proper location and run setExamplesEnv.cmd.
(5) In same directory, run ant HelloWorldServlet
(6) From browser http://perelandra:7001/console and login
(7) Click examples/Deployments/WebApplicationModules/examplesWebApp/Target
and check that esamplesServer is running/Deploy
(8) From another browser
and make sure that it is running.
(9) Add first two lines to and also setEspressManagerUsed(false); //not using espressmanager
The code is appended below and put this file
in the same folder as
(10) Edit build.xml file in the same folder and add classpath to
EspressAPI.jar there. The easiest way may be to replace all SnoopServlet with OutputStreamJPEG
(11) ant OutputStreamJPEG
(12) Edit C:beaweblogic81samplesserverexamplesbuildexamplesWebAppWEB-INFweb.xml file and replace all SnoopServlet with OurputStreamJPEG again.
(13) Restart machine because WebLogic 8.1 is very difficult to shutdown.
(14) From DOS box run setExamplesEnv.cmd
and then startExamplesServer.cmd
WebLogic console may be used afterwards.
(15) Copy OutputStreamJPEG.html and sample.dat files from espresschart to Web Root located at
C:beaweblogic81samplesserverexamplessrc directory. From browser run with