HiT JDBC/DB2 新機能リリースノート:Ver4.13 / 4.16 / 4.17

Version 日付
4.17 04/03/18 • Verified support for IBM DB2 Version 12 for z/OS
• Modified DatabaseMetaData method getColumns so that it now returns default column values
• Fixed an issue that caused an exception when calling a stored procedure multiple times without draining its large result set and committing the connection in between calls
4.16 06/23/17 • Added support for method setClientInfo
• SQL statements in parentheses now supported
• Fixed an issue in Statement.cancel method that sent interrupt requests to the wrong port
4.13 02/02/15 • Added support for IBM DB2 LUW V10.1
• Verified support for IBM DB2 Version 11 for z/OS

HiT JDBC/DB2 Ver4.1 リリース情報



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